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The new reality for the candidates with Canadian experience!

No, it is not a mistake!

Today, the Government of Canada invited 27,332 candidates with at least 1 year of Canadian experience who had ONLY 75 CRS Points or more. For those, who do not know: EVERYONE, who is eligible to enter the EE pool will have CRS score with much more points. So basically, this draw allowed THOUSANDS of skilled workers, who had at least one year of Canadian experience, an English score of CLB 7 and higher, and fulfilled the eligibility requirements- to stay in Canada permanently.

Remember, when at the end of 2020 the government announced that they will help skilled workers and students, who contributed to Canada to stay here permanently? So here you go!!!

Let’s not speculate and tell that this is a new reality, and it will continue in the future, but there is a high chance that Canada will see candidates with Canadian experience in a totally different way from this point on.


1. Open work permit for spouses of international students.

While an international student is studying in Canada in a public college or university, the spouse is eligible for an open work permit.

2. LMIA based/ exempt job offer from a Canadian employer

In case you secure a job offer from a Canadian employer (some require LMIA, while others exempt).

3. Intracompany transferee- in case that your employer has a Canadian branch, there might be an option to transfer you to Canada.

To summarize- visualize your dream and try to get it!

Follow us and we will analyze the situation and see what the expectations and how will it influence Canadian immigration. Stay tuned!

Remember, that if there is one good thing this crazy time gave us is that it teaches us that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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