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Immigration news September 2022

1. Starting October 1, 2022, all COVID-19 border requirements, including vaccination, mandatory use of ArriveCAN, and any testing and quarantine/isolation requirements will end for all travelers entering Canada whether by land, air, or sea.

2. Transition to distance learning

Throughout the COVID unprecedented decision was made by the immigration of Canada, allowing students to study online. Those measures allowed the international students to complete up to 100% of their program online from outside of Canada, without affecting their eligibility for PGWP.

This exemption is being extended until August 31, 2023, with the following conditions:

1. Students who submitted their SP application before Aug 31, 2022, can complete up to 100% of their program online, however online study time completed after September 1, 2023, will be reduced from their PGWP.

2. No more than 50% of the courses can be completed online

3. Express entry draws are heading towards pre-covid points. The latest draw made on September 28, 2022, was for 504 points and more. We expect it to be back to pre-Covid closer to the end of the year.

4. Ontario made several draws at the end of September:

a. September 27, 2022

Human Capital Priorities stream- Tech draw ( for Candidates in the Express Entry pool with a score of 496) in the following occupations:

0213 – Computer and information systems managers

2147 – Computer engineers

2172 – Database analysts and data administrators

2173 – Software engineers and designers

2174 – Computer programmer and interactive media developers

2175 – Web designers and developers

b. September 23, 2022, French Speaking Skilled stream( CLB 7 and up) for Candidates in Express Entry pool with a score of 326) in the following occupations:

NOC 0213 – Computer and Information Systems Managers

NOC 2147 – Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers)

NOC 2172 – Database Analysts and Data Administrators

NOC 2173 – Software Engineers

NOC 2174 – Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers

NOC 2175 – Web Designers and Developers

NOC 3011 - Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors

NOC 3012 – Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

NOC 3111 - Specialist physicians

NOC 3112 - General practitioners and family physicians

NOC 3113 - Dentists

NOC 3114 - Veterinarians

NOC 3121 - Optometrists

NOC 3122 - Chiropractors

NOC 3124 - Allied primary health practitioners

NOC 3125 - Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating

NOC 3131 - Pharmacists

NOC 3132 - Dietitians and nutritionists

NOC 3141 - Audiologists and speech-language pathologists

NOC 3142 - Physiotherapists

NOC 3143 - Occupational therapists

NOC 3144 - Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment

NOC 3211 – Medical laboratory technologists

NOC 3212 - Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists' assistants

NOC 3214 - Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists, and cardiopulmonary technologists

NOC 3216 - Medical sonographers

NOC 3217 - Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists, n.e.c.

NOC 3219 - Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)

NOC 3221 - Denturists

NOC 3222 - Dental hygienists and dental therapists

NOC 3223 - Dental technologists, technicians, and laboratory assistants

NOC 3231 - Opticians

NOC 3232 - Practitioners of natural healing

NOC 3233 – Licensed Practical Nurses

NOC 3236 - Massage therapists

NOC 3237 - Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment


Candidates with active express entry profiles and intention to live and contribute in Manitoba are being selected by the Jewish community and are getting invitations for exploratory visits.

6. As Canada is fighting a backlog created throughout the Covid, they’ve hired 1250 employees to address this issue and by the end of the year will make a transition to a 100% digital application process for PR and citizenship:

7. Transition from temporary residency to Permanent

While Canada always prioritized candidates who are already in Canada, it now officially introduced a motion to allow workers at ALL SKILL LEVELS( and not only NOC 0, A, or B) access to Permanent residency. The government will issue 5 pillars to address it:

1. Increase immigration levels for temporary workers, who are in Canada already

2. Reform the Express Entry system

3. Improve current PR programs for essential workers and high-demand occupations. This will include allowing more physicians and ease of in-home caregivers and the agri-food sector.

4. Support communities and attract and retain newcomers, mostly allowing those who are needed to stay in Canada.

5. Increasing processing capacity, to do it faster and easier.

8. Building a better immigration system

There are several targets to achieve this goal:

1. Reducing wait time

a. Over 1250 new employees were hired

b. There will be an exemption for PR and TR applicants, who are already in Canada and meet certain criteria from the medical examination requirements.

c. Family reunification will be given priority. Virtual interviews will continue, for those selecting this option( if required) Those applications will be processed within 12 months.

d. Expending online applications for PR ( as stated earlier)

e. Providing better information to clients- there will be a tracker for most of the PR applications, where the applicants will be able to follow up on the progress of the processing of their applications.

f. Citizenship program-Most of the applications can be submitted online as well as continued with virtual ceremonies and online citizenship tests.

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