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Immigration Done Right

LANA Immigration is a Canada-based immigration consultancy agency, managed by a licensed immigration consultant, and a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council - Svetlana Demb. 


We are accredited by the ICCRC to provide individuals and families with support in the immigration process. Our goal is to find the right immigration program for each individual or family and to support them throughout this process. We support our customers from the moment they decide to immigrate until they become Canadian citizens.


As immigration programs frequently change, it is our responsibility and job to stay on top of all the changes and match your needs to the existing immigration programs.


Our experience and expertise, as well as our business partnerships, allow us to provide a wide range of services required for the immigration process, including:


  • Consultation

  • Documents translation and certification

  • Documents evaluation, such as study transcripts and others

  • Application process

  • Answering the CIC inquiries, raised throughout the process


We are able to provide immigration services to people residing in different countries and in multiple languages.


Our mission is to create the immigration process experience as smooth as possible, using our knowledge, expertise, and professional network.


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