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Studying in Canada

Lately more and more young professionals decide to study in Canada. While education in Canada considered one of the best in the world, and by the way much cheaper than in other countries, it also provides international students with a lot of benefits. Understanding that a lot of people choose study path to stay in Canada permanently, here are number of benefits of this choice:

1. Bilingual and native speaking environment

By choosing Canada, you choose to breath and live the native language (English/French) and sometimes both. While some of the provinces are English or French speaking, some are bilingual, and it is total up to you where to live and where to study.

2. Diversity

Canada is well known for the diversity and recognition of different nations. With its welcoming approach, every student from every country will feel welcomed and surrounded by people from all over the world.

3. World-class education

Canadian education (both college and universities) are well recognized around the world. Its system encourages cross- disciplinary studies and development of skills, required for future career development and employment.

4. Opportunity to gain a Canadian work – experience

Although, employment experience obtained during the education in Canada is not considered for immigration purposes, the international student is eligible to work at least 20 hours a week during his education, most of the time. This is a very valuable experience, which makes the candidate very attractive for the potential employers.

Moreover, by choosing the educational institution correctly, the student will be allowed to obtain a Post Graduate work. This is an open work permit, allowing the international students to continue and live in Canada. If the student studied for less, than 2 years- he would receive a work permit equivalent to the length of his education, however if he studied for more than 2 years – he can obtain a 3 years Post Graduate Work Permit.

5. Opportunity to stay in Canada permanently.

Study permit is a temporary permit, by definition, however, lot of potential immigrants choose this path to obtain the Permanent Residency.

Most of the provinces in Canada offer support in the PR application, by providing nomination to those, who secured a job offer in Canada. While securing job offer without work permit is almost impossible, once the person is in Canada and possesses a valid Work permit, there are a lot of employers, who will happily support their PR application.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

When there is a couple, who decides to proceed with the studying in Canada- there are two potential candidates for immigration- both the student and the spouse/common-law partner. While one person is studying- the spouse can legally work in Canada. Moreover, the spouse receives an Open Work Permit for the length of the student’s education. It is important to mention, that if the student enrolled into language classes, the spouse is not eligible for the work permit.

So, it is a real opportunity for a working spouse to find an employer, who will be willing to support the PR application. However, if this time was not enough to do so, then there is more.

After the student completes their education (in case that the educational institute was chosen correctly), he is eligible to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit. The spouse will be able to obtain an Open Work permit as soon as the student found an employer and received 3 consecutive paystubs.

There are different provincial programs, which allow easy pass to PR. Some of them are based on a job offer from Canadian employer, while others are not.

More information is available on Lana Canada Immigration website:

As part of our services, we offer assistance (free of charge) in selection of the educational program and application to the designated learning institute. Once accepted, your application will be prepared and submitted.

We stay in touch with our clients not only during the application process, but after they have arrived to Canada too. If you decided to change your career path- we will support you, if you decided to stay here or leave- we will be with you.

What do I need to study in Canada?

Among other requirements, once accepted to the Canadian institution, the applicant will have to prove that:

1. The decision to study in Canada was reasonable in financial and career terms.

2. There are ties to home country;

3. The intention is to go back to the home country;

4. There are enough financials to support himself and the family members during the education in Canada.

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